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YK11 Dosage: The Complete Guide

All You Need to Know about dosing YK11

Those who have used YK11 believe it is the missing link we need to unlock all the great things our body can do, get quick gains, and live with very little side effects.

By all accounts, this appears to be a SARM with superpowers when you examine other customer reviews, but there is much more than meets the eye with this particular compound.

In this article we shall break down what to expect, the safe YK11 Dosage and how to cycle this SARM.

What is YK11?

YK11 is one of many SARMS-selective androgen receptors modulators-that have burst onto the scene and offer the perks of anabolic steroids minus a large number of the adverse side effects.

This is a brand-new synthetic steroid. It is based upon DHT, which is a hormone that naturally occurs in humans. It is a more potent form of testosterone. Bodybuilders have been interested in this particular compound thanks to its ability to build muscle with very little side effects, and fast.

Go onto any forum and do a search for the term; you are sure to find users’ accounts of their use. It works the same way other popular SARMS do.

One study suggested that muscle mass was increased with YK11. It did this by increasing follistatin, a muscle-building protein. It may also aid in good bone health as another study indicated that bone-building protein levels were increased.

What Are the Benefits?

Muscle Gains-Gaining muscle is a cinch with YK11. During one 8-week cycle, you can expect to gain 5-8 lbs. of muscle, which is a huge gain in a short period of time. However, results can and will vary from person to person.

Weight Loss-Weight loss happens thanks to all the muscle you gain as a result of YK11 use. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so this leads to more calories burned each day during your workout. It also inhibits the storage of fat.

Preservation of Muscle Mass-The process of working out leads to muscle wastage in some form. Cutting calories plus strenuous workouts means muscles can suffer. However, YK11 allows us to experience lean tissue growth as well as the preservation of muscle mass all at once.

How Do You Cycle This?

The recommended cycle time is about 4-8 weeks.

It has also been reported that YK11 may cause some mild suppression of testosterone. Post-cycle therapy, report users, is required.

A cycle might look like this: 5 mg per day for 6 weeks.

It also might look like this: 10-15 mg a day for 8 weeks.

The first cycle is mostly used by users that are new to this SARM. Some people may use a higher dose on their first time with YK11, but this is not recommended.

The second cycle of YK11 Dosage is only for those experienced with the SARM. The dose is much higher, and the length of the cycle is lengthened by two weeks. It should also be noted these are anecdotal examples.

What Is the Correct YK11 Dosage?

Reports from other users taking their own YK11 Dosage state that most are taking about 10-15 mg each day. Users report seeing positive effects at only 5 mg too, and it is recommended you start at this YK11 Dosage if you are a new user. Women may wish to stick with .5-2mg per day for their YK11 Dosage, as this is what other female users reported using.

The half-life of YK11 is unknown at this point; one source suggested it had a short half-life of about 6-10 hours. Some users split their YK11 Dosage into two parts, thereby making the levels more stable.

Most users prefer to take their YK11 Dosage by mouth, others inject it into the muscles.

 Other users reported they took doses as high as 30mg and did not experience much in the way of side effects. However, this is different for everybody as side effects can and do exist, and some users reported having some.

Recall the study we mentioned earlier that showed an increase in the follistatin levels of cells. Having high follistatin can increase your risk of cancers of the prostate, stomach, skin or esophagus.

Anecdotal stories from users indicate side effects such as increased feelings of aggression, hair loss, acne, and low energy as well as joint pain were felt after their YK11 Dosage.

How Much Does YK11 Cost?

The price of your YK11 Dosage will vary from store to store. Sarms4U has it available for about $62. SarmsPharm begins their pricing at $50 per 10 mg.

This is a SARM you should use with caution and careful consideration, as only cell-based studies about it have been performed.

Some users report little to no side effects; others have reported some adverse ones. If you do choose to partake in this compound, always make sure to perform post-cycle therapy (PCT).

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