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YK11 Benefits: What to expect

A short intro to YK11 Benefits

YK11 SARM (Steroidal selective androgen receptor) is used to stimulate muscle growth, bolster fat loss, and take care of bone health.  It is a synthetic steroid that has been created by altering the chemical structure of DHT, which is a stronger form of testosterone.

YK11 results in accentuating natural growth and encourages good prostrate health and accurate development during the puberty years.  It only activates androgen receptors partially, which is critical in preventing a full activation.  It can also increase the presence of follistatin in your body.  This helps to keep myostatin levels even to prevent any hindrance of muscle growth.  This, currently, is the only SARM on the market that is known to hinder myostatin.

YK11 results in activating the protein kinase B, which sends a signal to the brain to bolster the development of bone-building cells, which, in turn, encourages greater bone growth.  And, without a doubt, one of the reasons that people work out is to build strong bones to help keep them active and healthier down the road.

The YK11 results have been extremely positive and are helping to gain a lot of interest in the product around bodybuilders everywhere.  Even though many tests, especially on humans and animals need to take place, on a cellular level, YK11 is showing a lot of promise. Some of the YK11 results include:

  • Bolster muscle size
  • Lean muscle mass gains/Fat Reduction
  • Stronger, healthier bones
  • Increased strength

Each of the four YK11 results is extremely important, but it helps to break each one down to fully understand the value that it is having on your body.

Bolster Muscle Size

YK11 has a tremendous ability to activate muscle growth.  It really helps to get the blood flow in order and motivate you to want to build up your muscles.  It does this by increasing the follistatin levels which greatly enhances your body’s ability to produce muscle cells.  It is also heavily involved in suppressing myostatin, which gives you ample opportunity to increase your muscle growth.

Lean Muscle Mass Gains/Fat Reduction

It seems always to be a two street when working out.  People want to build muscle and want to lose weight.  People tend to forget that while building muscle, they may, in turn, gain weight.  Many users have pointed out that YK11 results in the benefit of 10-15 pounds worth of lean muscle gains in one eight-week cycle.

In addition to the muscle mass gains, YK11 also results in significant fat loss in a short amount of time.  This is also something very difficult to find on the market since it has seemingly found a way to allow users to see weight loss results while increasing their muscle mass gains.

Stronger, Healthier Bones

The main reason for taking any kind of supplement is to help build stronger and healthier bones.  Stronger and healthier bones have always been connected to sex hormones.  YK11 may increase bone strength by latching itself onto androgen receptors.  YK11 results in an increase in the amount of activated PKB in cells.  This helps with the growth and development of bone cells.

Since YK11 is helpful at effectively building muscle, this ultimately would lead to stronger bones.  As a result, bones will experience fewer fractures and will have a quicker recovery time from any bone damage that could happen.  It helps to strengthen any possible bone frailty that we might experience.

Increased Strength

Strength is something that most people desire to have in their life.  But, it takes a lot of work to make that a reality.  If you are able to lift more weight, you will be activating more muscle fibers.  YK11 results in helping to activate the muscle fibers to build up that strength to lift more weight than you ever thought possible.

The four benefits of using YK11 are exactly what all bodybuilders are looking for when partaking in a workout.  Actually, these health benefits would be instrumental to anyone, not just bodybuilders, who are looking to get in shape and take care of their bones.

Results have shown that by taking 5mg of YK11 a day for over four weeks, people can gain more than five pounds of lean muscle, increase the measurements of their chest, arm, and calf muscles, all while losing two percent of body fat. 

At the cellular level, the results are there.  Many trials and tests will need to continue with humans to bring merit to these positive claims.  But, the formula seems to be right for taking care of our bodies, strengthening our bones, and increasing our muscle mass.

YK11 results in being one of the strongest compounds around with its ability to produce lean muscle gain in a quick amount of time while showing a fat loss in a short span of time.  Once the tests are confirmed on human and/or animals, this product could truly revolutionize the way that people workout. 

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