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YK11 Results: What to expect with this SARM

A short intro to YK11 Results

YK11 results are better and the transformation is faster than with many other SARMs. YK11 results are not limited to bulking or cutting. They can be either or both depending on the approach. If you start a course and begin a calorie deficit diet, then you will experience a net loss in body weight and it shall be mostly accounted for by losing fat. If you go for a calorie surplus diet, while not overeating or consuming unhealthy foods, then you will have a net weight gain but mostly in the form of lean mass. This dual effect as evident in most YK11 results is the most encouraging fact about the supplement. This has already made many people regard the supplement as a more versatile SARM than others that have been around for many years now.

Expected YK11 Results

The most visible and experiential change among all YK11 results is the mass gain. There will be a net weight gain for most users. The only difference is the extent of mass gain. One can expect to gain four to eight pounds of lean mass in four weeks. The net gain can be over eight to ten pounds for a course spanning eight weeks. Beginners are not advised to try an eight-week course. It is best to keep the course limited to four or six weeks. An eight week course demands a higher dosage from the fourth or fifth week. Since beginners may not be too familiar with SARMs and might be vulnerable to overdosing, a four-week course is ideal to start with and then one can always have another bulking up or cutting phase after a few months.

The net gain in body weight should ideally be in the form of lean mass or healthy muscles. This happens at the same time as excess fat gets shed from the body. A healthy adult male weighing around two hundred pounds will lose a few pounds and gain some. The net gain maybe three to six pounds, which means there is a loss of two to three pounds in the form of fat. Appropriate exercise and diet can lead to a loss of as much as three percent of body fat in a span of four weeks. The loss can be over five percentage in eight weeks. This is one of the most remarkable aspects of YK11 results. Being able to lose two to five percent body fat and gaining three to eight pounds of lean mass at the same time through a course of four weeks is fascinating.

Those who embark on an eight-week long course should gain at least five pounds of net body weight and this should be entirely lean mass. The body fat loss during the eight-week course with a bit higher dosage than usual should be around four to five percent. YK11 results are not limited to mass gain and fat loss. The supplement can actually prevent fat gain. It limits the natural tendency of the human body to store fat. As fat storage is regulated, a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast is able to access more energy and can use it up in intensive workouts. This further boosts the growth of lean mass. This also enhances strength and endurance. The loss of fat coupled with better endurance and strength also improve the range of motion.

Another interesting fact about YK11 results is its effects on muscle gained. The supplement prevents loss of lean mass during the cutting cycle. This is why it can successfully boost muscle growth during bulking phases while also targeting and burning excess fat. The lean mass gained is also protected by the supplement. This happens during the bulking up phase, cutting cycle and also to an extent throughout the post cycle therapy. Such YK11 results are obviously dependent on the nature of workout and the daily diet. Complementing workout and diet can easily assure even better YK11 results than what you may usually expect.

Recommended Course and Dosage for the Best YK11 Results

Any transformation takes time. The right course and dosage are essential to the expected transformation. Since this is a much stronger supplement than other SARMs, the course can be short and the dosage can be much lower. It is unnecessary to go for 10mg of YK11, twice a day unless you are into the fourth or fifth week. You can expect optimum YK11 results in four weeks. If you have not tried such a potent SARM before then you should go for a four-week course. This will assure you optimum YK11 results without causing any substantial suppression of major hormones. An eight-week-long course suppresses more than one hormone. The post cycle therapy should be longer and more effective after a long course of eight weeks. Start with up to 5mg, twice a day, for four weeks and you will get the optimum YK11 results.

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