yk11 side effects

YK11 Side Effects: What you should know

What are the side effects of YK11

Most supplements have some side effects. The effects could be too subtle or absolutely harmless, in which case the supplements are classified as safe. Some supplements have mild side effects that subside naturally. The effects do not last long. A few supplements have serious side effects and these tend to persist over days and in some cases weeks. These supplements are risky. Some of these supplements can even be toxic. It is not wise to generalize any supplement because people do not respond to one in an identical manner. While you may not experience anything adverse, someone else may feel a few YK11 side effects.

The Possibility of Serious YK11 Side Effects

The manufacturers claim that there are no serious YK11 side effects. This type of inference makes several assumptions during the assessment. Whenever the human body is exposed to something new, it will have a response and this may not always be pleasant. The human body needs a bit of time to get accustomed to the new substance. It is basically an alien substance which the body does not know and hence cannot determine if it is good or bad. The first response of the human immune system is to neutralize a new substance. The next response is to assess it and only when the compound is found to be unsafe does the body start to develop a certain degree of tolerance. People do not have an identical immune system. People have varying microbiome compositions. Hence, there is no way to generalize YK11 side effects.

What does appear to be true in the claims made by the manufacturers is that there are no serious YK11 side effects? There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from people who have tried the supplement. Some users have been more adventurous and have actually experimented with higher doses. This is not recommended at all. YK11 is one of the strongest SARMs available today. The recommended dosage is 2mg to 5mg at a time. Increasing the dose is absolutely uncalled for. Highly potent supplements like this one can cause serious side effects throughout the course. If the dosage is maintained as per the recommendation, then there are no severe YK11 side effects.

One common concern about such SARMs is the potential adverse effect on the liver and its functions. Some SARMs can cause damage to the liver by stressing the cells. A few are metabolized by the liver so excessive consumption may stress the liver and impair its functions. Liver toxicity is also a matter of serious worry. Supplements that leave traces behind and what the liver is compelled to deal with or absorb can become toxic over a period of time. Fortunately, YK11 side effects do not pose any risk to the liver. Some users have actually tested their liver functions. Some have had their blood tested before, during and after taking the supplement. There are no YK11 side effects on the liver or other vital organs. Most bodily functions also remain completely unaffected in any adverse way.

Reported YK11 Side Effects

There are no serious YK11 side effects. This does not mean there are no side effects at all. The human body is bound to have some kind of reaction to a new supplement, especially when it is as strong as YK11. One of the most common YK11 side effects is a strange sensation that lasts the first few days. Some users report feeling a little restless. Others have said they feel aggressive. The feeling of restlessness or some aggression is very common with strong supplements. Any supplement that makes abundant energy available and tends to boost the growth of muscles will make a person feel a little more unsettled than usual. This sensation subsides on its own. People also get accustomed to this feeling. There is no change in the biological cycle. No cognitive changes or psychological impacts are experienced so these transient and mild YK11 side effects do not have to be worried about.

There is another common side effect that some users have reported. It is a spike in blood pressure. Aggression or restlessness can be associated with this. Those who have low blood pressure may feel this more than those who already have sustained high blood pressure. Those who have chronically high blood pressure beyond healthy limits should consult their doctor before trying any supplement that can make them feel aggressive or restless. Healthy people should not be worried about these YK11 side effects. Those with a history of cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, bouts of aggression and uncontrollable restlessness should exercise caution.

YK11 side effects include suppression of hormones. The usual target is testosterone. This causes changes in libido and mood. The suppressed testosterone can be restored after the course with a post cycle therapy. The dosage of the supplement should not be increased beyond 5mg to ensure there are no serious YK11 side effects.

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